Service Plans

Servicing your car as stipulated by the Manufacturer ensures that your vehicle always operates at its peak optimum performance. By following the Manufacturer Service guidelines it also allows the servicing dealer to detect and report any anomalies before the vehicle experiences any annoying or catastrophic failures that can leave you or your loved ones stranded on the side of the road. The current financial stress that we constantly face, may prevent you from servicing your vehicle as recommended by the Manufacturer due to other more pressing commitments.

Purchasing a Service Plan will allow you to concentrate on the things that really matter and not be left with unexpectedly large bills which can burn a hole in your pocket. The Motor Guard Service Plan covers the cost of the service parts and labour as indicated by the Manufacturer at the vehicles specified service intervals.* Terms and Conditions Apply dependent on the options purchased. Complete a quote request today and a friendly consultant will contact you soon to determine the best options available to suit your budget.