Motor Expert


This groundbreaking product will provide you with a superior service, designed to enhance your motoring experience by assisting you to make informed decisions, so that you can significantly lower your motoring costs!

The Service

It is no secret that innocent motorists have historically been taken advantage of, often as a result of their lack of technical expertise and/or knowledge of Vehicle Manufacturer and Servicing Cost guidelines.

Motor Expert is designed to eliminate the possibility of such a negative experience for you, our valued client!

This unique service is like having your own personal technician-on-call! The objective of this product is for a telephonically 'driven' advice line facilitated by a panel of Industry Experts to provide an Advisory Service on various important aspects of vehicle ownership or motoring concerns.

Our panel of Industry Experts will ensure that, through independent expertise and the power of collective bargaining, you receive the most cost-effective solutions to your motoring needs!

This is a significantly beneficial service in an environment of ever-increasing motoring costs which can no longer be ignored!

The Benefits

The following represent the telephonic advisory services offered:

  1. Provide advice on a quote / repair that you may not quite understand. Negotiation of better service and repair/replacement costs through collective bargaining, regarding:
    1. Labour rates on service and repairs
    2. Parts prices
    3. Utilisation of alternative parts, where applicable.
    4. Tyres, alignment, balancing
    Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that the Member receives the best possible discounts and prices the Administrator cannot guarantee that this will always be the case due to various factors i.e stock, availability, rand/dollar exchange, net pricing etc.
  2. Technical advice on purchasing a vehicle suitable for your tastes, lifestyle and budget.
  3. Information about expected running / maintenance costs of a particular vehicle / model. This could greatly assist the purchaser with the vehicle purchase decision.
  4. Defining each and clarifying the differences between the following:
    1. Mechanical Breakdown Warranty
    2. Manufacturer Warranty
    3. Service Plan
    4. Limited Maintenance Plan
    5. Full Maintenance Plan
  5. Advice whether service, maintenance and repair costs are within Industry recommended guidelines.
  6. Options regarding where a vehicle can be serviced and / or repaired at the member's convenience simply by using our location based services, and sending you the contact details of the repairers in your area.
  7. What to do to ensure that the Manufacturer Warranty / Service Plan / Maintenance Plan remains valid.
  8. Assistance in trying to resolve an unsatisfactory situation with a Dealer / Repairer.